TQUK is a fast growing UK Certification Body that provides international certifications at all levels that meet the needs of both educational organizations and corporate and multinational training departments around the world. With more than 100,000 participants in its programs and over 400 centers around the world it is one of the most popular Awarding Organizations.

TQUK’s international award program includes:

      1. Curricula and assessment methods that can be tailored to suit each student and training center, making the experience more enjoyable and more adaptable to everyone’s requirements.
      2. Recognized skills worldwide with British Certificates. Assessment based on recognized international industry standards.
      3. Consulting services in more than 80 countries around the world.

As an organization controlled by Ofqual, the UK Independent High Authority, all the certifications offered by TQUK guarantee the high quality of the training it signs. This strengthens, in the fastest and most effective way, the professional rehabilitation and development of the students.

TQUK collaborates with international centers and students as they seek careers worldwide. In Greece, a number of leading educational organizations such as the Dimitra Educational Organization, the Vergi Educational Complex, the Bouga Schools, the IEK LYDIA, and the IEK Craft etc. certify their programs with TQUK diplomas.