The British Diploma «HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT» (LEVEL 5, 6, 7)   will help them enter the club of highly trained executives who will be active in the field of hospitality and catering businesses.

They are skilled workers, able to handle the following issues responsibly and autonomously:

-Reception of the customers at the hotel and execution of the relevant works at the Reception.
-Work on the floors and rooms of the Hotel.
-Supply and management of inventory and material.
-Sales and serving of food and wines in the Restaurant.
-Preparation and serving of cocktails and alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages in the Bar

The British Certification significantly strengthens the curriculum vitae and multiplies the opportunities for finding work and professional development in the tourism industry, in Greece and abroad.

Upon completion of the assessment, the student receives a certification that enjoys international recognition and is a powerful weapon in the job market.

GA DIPLOMA -Hospitality Management(F)