ICB College

The ICB College was established in 2009 as the College of Law, Economics, and Nanotechnology. In 2014, the college was renamed the International College of Business and Communications.

Over the years, the college has trained more than 1,000 specialists in priority sectors of the economy, such as information systems, computers and software, radio electronics and communications, management and finance, law, and translation.

The teaching staff of the college consists of highly qualified specialists who have been working in scientific and pedagogical work for many years. The capabilities of the material and technical base of the college allow to carry out educational activities at a high level using interactive teaching methods.

Among the priorities of the College is the development of cooperation with leading national and international companies in the field of training, employment, and development of academic mobility programs, as well as domestic and foreign universities.

Currently, the International College of Business and Communications is a leading college among economic and humanitarian colleges in Kazakhstan with a modern campus located in the largest district of Almaty.

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