Welcome to BritQual!!


BritQual is one of the leading companies in the field of Professional Certifications that is activated both in Greece and in the rest of Europe and Southeast Asia.

The hard work and experience of decades of our partners led to the creation of the modern and dynamic organization we are today.

With top collaborations such as Training Qualifications UK (TQUK) and Global Awarding Education (GAE) we certify programs of colleges,  private vocational training institutes (IIEK),  Centers of lifelong learning (ΚΔΒΜ), colleges but also programs of training departments of companies all over the world.

Our basic principles are reliability, responsibility, and adaptation to your needs.

We will fulfill everything we promised you and we will never underestimate the trust you show us.

We will take responsibility for everything we do and work with you to maintain our quality at the highest possible level.

We will cover to the maximum the ever-changing challenges of modern education and the specifics of each Organization.

And above all, we will respond with the same energy and the same enthusiasm at any time of the day you contact us!

Thank you for your trust!

Vasilis Lakis

Executive Director